"When you reach out a hand to one, you improve the condition of all."

Get Inspired

Because we all have a stake in the health and vitality of our community, your United Way is starting a movement to change the story one life at a time. We will share stories of those who inspire us, and by doing so inspire others to take action in the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo area.

Know and Help ALICE

ALICE is a group of hard-working individuals who aren’t always sure how they’re going to make ends meet. They’re our neighbors, coworkers, friends and family. The jobs they hold keep our communities running – mechanics, day care workers, home health aides, etc. ALICE cannot afford to save for emergencies or the future, which leaves them financially vulnerable and one small disaster away from poverty. When ALICE suffers, our community suffers, and that’s why it’s important that we help ALICE.

Join The Movement

This movement will help bring the quality education children so need and deserve. It will reunite individuals with more than just jobs that support their families, but also career opportunities. And provide access to a healthier way of life and safer living conditions. This is what your United Way is focused on: Education, Income and Health – the building blocks for a positive quality of life.

Aspiring Leaders United

Aspiring Leaders United (ALU), an affinity group of UWBCKR, envisions a community of emerging leaders with a powerful, intentional, engaged voice in philanthropic activities. The mission is to improve the lives of individuals in the Battle Creek and Kalamazoo region by engaging a new and upcoming demographic of leaders in philanthropy by giving, advocating and volunteering. For more information on ALU, please click here.

Change The Story

We’ve seen many stories changed for the better (check out Holly'sReggie'sFred'sGretchen'sJenny'sMary'sAutumn'sLeonce'sJulie'sAudrey'sRadiance'sShonna'sTony's, Sam's, Beverly's, Leona's, Corrie's, Jeff's, Jackie and Jerry's, Charmica'sFanny’s, and Mai'er's stories), but there are many more stories we can change.

Help ignite our movement, and join us in our mission to: change the story.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact Chris Riker at United Way.

Phone: (269) 343-2524

Email: criker@uwbckr.org

What Can You Do To Help?

Donate this tweet or post to help change your community's story, and spread the word about your United Way.

"I'm helping change my community's story and so can you."