Maxine’s Story

Maxine snuggles her newborn, a healthy baby boy.

Maxine was using methamphetamines when she discovered she was pregnant last year.

She had been struggling in the aftermath of a DUI charge, trying hard to “make it all work” and feeling that she wasn’t moving forward in life.

“I felt overwhelmed and hopeless,” she said. “I started using meth because I felt like I needed an extra boost to help me get things done.”

Her once-a-month habit quickly turned into daily use.

“No one knew I was using, and I didn’t think it was that bad because I was still functioning okay,” she said. “Then I discovered I was pregnant.”

Maxine was stopped by police shortly after and was arrested. She tested positive for meth and served some jail time before being placed on probation. It was then that she became connected with Community Healing Centers’ Women’s Specialty Program in an effort to stay clean and have a healthy pregnancy.

The program is funded in part by United Way as a Health strategy. It’s designed to help pregnant and parenting women who have substance use disorders get clean and sober by reducing barriers that may hinder their recovery efforts.

“I wanted to stay out of jail, and I wanted to be a good mom for my children,” Maxine said. At Community Healing Centers, “they break things down so they make sense. They guide me though my struggles with relationships and teach me what healthy friendships are.”

Maxine has since given birth to a healthy baby boy and remains drug and alcohol free.

Her future plans?

“Stay sober,” she said, “and go back to school for counseling or social work.”

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