Taking Impact Personally

Chris Sargent, President & CEO, reflects personally on Impact Week 2018.

Every now and then, someone asks what draws me to the work of United Way. The answer is easy:

For me, it’s personal.

I’ve spent much of my life living in this area. I have children here. Grandchildren, too. This is my home, and theirs. I want them to live in a community where they can achieve their full potential. For that to happen, we all must have that opportunity. Every person. No exceptions.

That’s the stuff of a life’s mission. That’s why I take it personally.

Imagine how different life would be if all of us took the health of our community and its people personally—if we made a personal investment, whether it’s financial, or as a volunteer, or as an advocate for those who have no voice.

My guess is we’d no longer have to worry about whether kids are able to graduate. We no longer have to wonder if babies could survive and thrive regardless of race or economics. We’d know every family is economically stable, and every person in crisis had the support services they need to rebuild their lives.

We would create a vibrant community where all people reach their full potential.

That’s my invitation to you: to take impact personally. Own it and make it happen. To that end, I hope you’ll consider partnering with United Way. No other charitable investment you make—be it time or treasure—will yield the impact you get through United Way.

That’s what #ChangeTheStory is all about.

*  *  *  *

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